Our Water

Refreshingly Unique

Not all water is created equal. And the reason why Aqua Samoa is so superior is largely due to the natural filtration process and the source of our pure water, which is thousands and thousands of miles away from the next developed civilization.

Here at Aqua Samoa, we bottle at source on our 7,000-acre site, organically certified by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia), extracting directly from the ancient aquifer deep within the Samoan terrain beneath lush pristine rainforests and high volcanic mountain tops… thousands of miles away from any industrialization and free of many pollutants.

The pure rain water has been naturally filtered and left to absorb an assortment of essential revitalizing minerals such as an abundance of silica, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphates as well as bicarbonates.

Not to mention…Aqua Samoa is also high in electrolytes and has a natural PH level of 7.9 making it the perfect alkaline water to help balance your body’s PH levels.

Traditional Samoan healers believe these health-promoting elements make our bones stronger, our skin fresher, and may even help to reduce the risk of heart attacks. With all these restorative benefits, who wouldn’t want to drink a few more bottles of Aqua Samoa every day?

Then, of course, there’s the taste. Pure, fresh and invigorating, there’s nothing else quite like it. This is not just water that’s good for you, but water that’s unbelievably good to drink.