Our Story

3,000 years in the making

The inspiration behind Aqua Samoa is a story all on its own. And Samoans are famous for telling stories. We call it fagogo: the ancient art that originates with the High Chiefs of Satapuala Village.

It all began with the chance discovery of a sacred water catchment, created some 3,000 years ago and embedded deep within the coastal rainforests of Upolu Island overlooking Satapuala Village and the adjacent expansive azure lagoon.

According to legend, this pristine natural resource was discovered within minutes of the first Polynesians stepping ashore.

The Ancestral Gods deliberately led us to this sacred and bountiful place; it was more than just the trade winds that determined our direction and ensured our safe journey.

More recently, this magical water catchment was rediscovered by our natural resource managers, and Aqua Samoa was born. With strong ties to the history and heritage of our people, it has become Aqua Samoa’s mission to ensure that a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold goes back to the Samoan people.