Our Promise

Ten of The Best

As an ethical company with a strong social, spiritual and environmental conscience, Aqua Samoa follows a list of ‘ten commitments’ in order to maintain a committed, consistent approach to business and to reinforce our position as the South Pacific’s leading bottled water ‘enviropreneur’.

Our Ten Commitments

  1. To supply the best bottled water in the South Pacific.
  2. To offer it to you, the end consumer, at an affordable price, considering the flow-on benefits to indigenous Pacific Island cultures.
  3. To remain socially aware and ensure that our local population benefits directly, and daily, as a result of our bottled water sales (Simply by purchasing one litre of Aqua Samoa, you enable us to supply fresh drinking water to one school student and one hospital patient in Samoa for one day). Aqua Samoa is putting thousands of dollars back into the community to help alleviate poverty so generations to come will enjoy the benefits.
  4. To ensure that our water is supplied freely and readily to schools and medical centres in nearby villages, such as Satapuala, Leulumoega and Satuimalufilufi.
  5. To provide hygienic water coolers for teachers and nurses in these same schools and hospitals (remembering that the best hospital bed is an empty one!).
  6. To eventually switch to a non-plastic bottle (we are hoping to make this announcement soon).
  7. To protect our natural ecosystems, especially those in close proximity to our precious volcanic water catchments. For example, by adopting new ways to improve soil fertility.
  8. To remain conscious of the fossil fuel debate, and to choose environmentally- friendly energy sources wherever possible (e.g. bio-fuels such as coconut oil, solar powered hot-water systems, solar- powered water pumps, electric delivery vehicles, biomass gasifiers, etc.) in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help in the fight to combat climate change.
  9. To remain open to discussion and improvement, and to liaise with
  10. our Environmental Consultants who keep us up to date with all the important environmental and developmental projects in Samoa and around the world.
  11. To celebrate with you, our most valuable customers, and to put you always at the forefront of all we do.

We agree, these are small beginnings. But we want to base our business on a social platform that is able to face the toughest cultural and environmental scrutiny  imaginable. Our ultimate goal? To produce a better product for a better world, but we need your help in this thirst-quenching exercise.