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Pure Paradise

Samoa remains one of the last bastions on earth to be preserved, protected and, for the most part, untouched by human civilization.  This is a result of our geographic location, our relative isolation and our unique natural wilderness.

Our beautiful island is located, far from the nearest industrialized nation in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, with lush forests and volcanic mountains that rise 6,000 feet into the air. The rain in Samoa falls from the heavens and is blessed as soon as it lands. Far away from habitation, on the slopes of Mount Tafua-O-Upolu and overlooking the expansive Mulifanua Lagoon on Upolu Island, Aqua Samoa draws its product directly from this sacred source.

This is a pristine natural wonderland; a protected reserve that covers 7,000 acres of land, organically certified by NASAA (National Association for Substainable Agriculture, Australia) and covered in lush forest.

Percolating down through the porous volcanic rock, deep into the ancient aquifers below, the water here is crystal clear and completely free of pollutants or contamination.

Only 11% of Samoa is under commercial agricultural production, there is no doubt that our high altitude water catchments are among the cleanest, purest and safest in the Pacific.