Our Environment

Keeping It Green

Given that our water is produced naturally, as a gift from mother nature, we see it as our duty to do all we can to help preserve the planet and protect our environment on a daily basis.

Indeed, Aqua Samoa has taken the lead as one of Samoa’s foremost ‘enviropreneurs’. This is the dedicated approach we take to business, across all our manufacturing systems, operations and processes. Also, designing improved ecosystem restoration and improving land management systems.

Our single-minded aim is to work towards a carbon-neutral, energy efficient, and fully sustainable operation that will set a much higher standard for the South Pacific and have a positive rather than negative effect on our unique and beautiful ecosystem.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the global climate change initiative, setting the benchmark for all Pacific nations, and putting steps in place to turn our energy efficiency goals into reality.

Our environmental programmes include:

  • Protecting and replanting oxygen replenishing native rainforest trees throughout our 7,000-acre virgin rainforest.
  • Aqua Samoa actively chooses not to bottle in glass and uses 100% recyclable PET.  Glass consumes 25% more energy to produce and generates 70% more solid waste than plastic.
  • By 2011 Aqua Samoa will use a minimum of 25% less packaging to make its products.
  • Aqua Samoa ships rather than flies its pure water around the world, as ships have the lowest carbon emissions per tonne mile of other conventional modes of transport.
  • By 2011 a minimum of 50% of our Aqua Samoa’s bottling facility will come from renewable sources. We have begun by harnessing the power of the sun through the use of solar power panels to power our hot water system and many of our water pumps.
  • We use alternative electricity sources such as coconut oil driven generators.
  • And soon our water bottles will be ecofriendly, non-plastic and biodegradable.

Did you know

50% of all carbon emissions in the world are from deforestation, and 95% of the forests being felled are right here, along the equator, in the tropics. Aqua Samoa is committed to offsetting its own carbon emissions by helping protect thousands of acres of tropical forest and instigating a substantial replanting programme in order to redress the balance. protecting the unique wildlife and saving the native rainforests.