Corporate Team

Meet the corporate team of Aqua Samoa


Executive Chairman, CEO and President – (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Bruno Gillier is Executive Chairman, CEO and President of Gillier Water and Aqua British. With over 35 years of experience in the Food and Beverage industry, he decided to launch Gillier Fiji Spring Water in response to the global water shortage.

Bruno is also Director and CEO of Capital Merchant Limited, Diplomatic Group, Gillier Group and Gillier Humanity. The companies have divisions in the following areas: food and beverage, humanitarian projects, commodities, currency conversion and project trading platforms.

Bruno has close personal ties to the areas he supports. He was born in Tahiti and has lived and travelled extensively in Fiji, Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. His family opened and operated luxury hotels in Singapore (Le Meridien), Tahiti, New Caledonia, Luxembourg and France.

Bruno’s stellar reputation in the international hospitality industry and the number of high level contacts he has made throughout the years facilitated his branching out into international development, commodities and humanitarian concerns. Bruno created his commodities division in 2007 in response to his international clients’ requests for a reliable source of commodities such as gold bullion. He uses part of the profits from these transactions to help fund his humanitarian projects.


Managing Director & Partner – (CA, United States of America & Samoa)

Ms. Teuila Foma’I Tapumanaia descends from the royal bloodlines of High Chief Tapumanaia, dating back to the 1500’s in the beautiful islands of Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa, located in the great South Pacific.

Her royal bloodlines hail from both her mother and father. She was born of High Chief father Tapu Mulama, High Chief grandfather Tapu Foma’I and High Chief great-grandfather Tapu Fa’afiti, and members of her very large extended family were born in the royal noble village of Auala, Savai’I and other prominent noble villages of Savai’I and Upolu. Her grandmother, Tanimo Va’ai, was also born from a royal lineage of nobility. Tonumaipe’a Tapumanaia hailed from Auala, Savai’I and was married to Queen Salamasina, the first Queen of Samoa. Her grand uncle Tapu Tai was one of eight men to give his life alongside the Samoan leader of the famous Mau Movement, High Chief Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III, fighting for the independence of Samoa in 1929.

Teuila’s parents moved to America, and Teuila and her brothers were born and raised in California. The family visited their relatives in Samoa every summer, where she was taught the Samoan way of “God, family and respect for the elderly”. She is carrying on that tradition with her children and grandchild, and hopes to make a positive impact in this world through humanitarian and philanthropic efforts, aided by the resources that provide Samoa Artesian Water, one of the best premium bottled waters in the world.

Teuila’s love for Samoa and its people encouraged her to develop a sales team to bring Samoa Artesian Water to the USA market for distribution, in order to help with the economic development of this great island nation. This led to an agreement with conglomerate beverage company PepsiCo from 2013-2015 in the Las Vegas strip, where their product was carried in major hotels and convenience stores. Teuila is proud to be part of this historical endeavor as Samoa’s first water exporter to the USA market.

She brings over 10 years of experience as an executive for sales and distribution channel building for the beverage industry and enjoys creating “win-win” scenarios for both buyer and seller.


Group of Companies Logistics Director (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Mr. Connor Patalis-Gillier is the Group of Company Director of Logistics for Gold Bullion, Gillier Water, Aqua Samoa & the Gillier Humanity Foundation. Connor is the CEO & Founder of Aquacoin; A world’s first digital commodity currency which is asset-backed by physical spring water resources. He has lived and travelled extensively in Fiji, Europe, Dubai & Australia. Connor has an outstanding reputation in the hospitality & sales industry with over 5+ years in management & customer service experience in the health & fitness market. Furthermore, he has ample knowledge in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, with hands on trading experience since 2019.


Group of Companies Advertising Director (Sydney, Australia)

Chantelle Gillier has extensive experience in logistics, transportation, sales and marketing. As Project Coordinator with Johnstons Transport Industries in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Chantelle has been involved with container and intermodal logistics, dedicated and contract services, general and specialized transport, machinery handling and relocation, and warehousing and distribution.

Chantelle has worked closely with the operations manager, general manager, warehouse manager and accounting. Her first project was to bring the businesses policies, procedures, and the Work Health and Safety Management Systems up to date. She also has experience in liaison with insurance and workplace relations advisors. Her commitment to customer service resulted in recommending new services to offer clients after analysing customer feedback and needs.

Chantelle handled sales and marketing for the Pacific Palm Marina Resort project, a Gillier Group property, she performed market and competitor analysis, extensive input on the master plan, marketing campaigns, developed product branding and awareness, budgets and timelines.

In the real estate field for nearly 10 years, Chantelle actively managed a rent roll of over 800 properties along with providing sales and marketing support. In the call centre field for over 4 years, Chantelle travelled internationally, training up to 3000 staff per centre, developing training materials and providing performance reports.


Partner – (Nadi, Fiji)

Lawrence Gillier earned a Diploma of Psychology from the Australian Institute of Professional Counselors and has extensive experience in business management and operations. As the owner of a small company, he managed all aspects of the business, which employed six people, including purchasing, accounting, advertising and customer service. Laurent also has experience as an executive sales consultant with the Perth branch of Cordon Bleu International. Other areas of expertise include high level presentation skills, preparing financial reports and data research.


Partner & Advisor – (Nadi, Fiji)

Zarin Khan has been a partner / owner at Aliz Pacific (Fiji) for over 36 years and is a director of PKF International, the global network of accountancy firms operating in 150 countries across five continents with over 440 offices. Zarin provides business advisory services along with advice on company set up and restructuring, specializing in providing assistance to foreign companies wishing to set up business in Fiji and assisting with all government approvals. Zarin has worked with Bruno Gillier since 2006 and was instrumental in providing guidance to set up Pacific Palm – Fiji and Gillier Water.


Group General Manager – (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Joe Gehrke has extensive international blue-chip and start-up experience in sales, marketing and operations in the consumer products beverage arena. As CEO and Director of Greenstone Drinks Co., he co-founded the company and launched four beverage brands in multiple channels. He established process improvements in all business processes and contracted for manufacturing sites in three countries. He activated over 50 distributors and thousands of small retailers and provided ongoing brand management and consumer marketing campaigns.

Joe was a Product Manager for Nestle in London before co-founding Greenstone Drinks. He led the technical aspects for products and packaging and implemented the manufacturing strategy for Nescafe Coffee Mixes and Coffee-mate.

Joe served as Senior Project Leader at Kraft Foods UK in the area of new product development for Kenco and Maxwell House Coffee Mixes, concentrating in the R&D phase of technology development. He also served as technical liaison with New Zealand dairy factories while on the New Zealand Dairy Board.

Joe earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Technology at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.


Sales Director – Gillier Water and Aqua British – (London, UK, France & Monaco)

Harshit Mishra is the CEO and founder of Aqua British, a spring water brand in the UK which serves water in 100% biodegradable bottles. Harshit planned, designed and implemented the business from the ground up, and its framework mirrors that of Gillier Water, making the two ventures complimentary. Aqua British Gillier Water company. Aqua British is part of the Gillier Water company.

Harshit worked with strategic initiatives to reduce plastic pollution, and Aqua British was awarded the Most Sustainable Brand Award by Zenith Global LTD. He also developed multiple strategic partnerships with biotechnology companies surrounding the development of biodegradable bottles as well as lining up multiple clients for Aqua British, including top hotels and sports clubs.

Harshit has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire and a Masters Degree in Investment Management from Birkbeck University. He is a member of the Amazon Deforestation Program, the Mayors Fund for London, West Ham United (FC) Foundation and Harlequins (FC) Foundation.


Compliance Manager – (Ohio, United States of America)

Cee Lange has over 10 years of experience as Compliance Manager for the Gillier family of companies, including Diplomatic Group, Capital Merchant Limited and Gillier Humanity. Cee works closely with Mr. Gillier to translate his vision for the companies into meaningful information to share with customers and investors. Cee develops and edits website content and prepares contracts and agreements.

Cee is a Certified Project Manager and brings over 14 years of project management experience to the team, most recently working for GE. She has many years of experience coaching project managers, developing customer relationships and managing vendors. She also has experience with process improvement, utilizing Six Sigma principles, methodologies and metrics to improve processes, increase productivity and reduce expenses.

Cee has an MBA in Marketing and currently lives in the US.


Operations Manager – (Nadi, Fiji)

Roger Littée has over 38 years in the food and beverage industry, including water-based beverages, juices, and milk-based products. He has developed products with natural and healthy components to improve product quality and characteristics. Roger was sales and marketing manager from 1980 to 1985 in the family owned business of the Yoplait franchise in Martinique and later, from 1986 to 1995, president of the Venezuelan Yoplait franchise.

Roger developed new tropical fruit beverages that became a leader in the non-gas beverage category in Martinique. He also developed aloe vera based products for beverages, cosmetics and nutraceutical uses. He opened international markets throughout the European Community, MERCOSUR (South American trade bloc made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay), and CARICOM (Caribbean Community organization consisting of 20 Caribbean countries).

Roger study Business Administration in Paris and speaks fluent Spanish, English, French and Creole.


Finance Manager – (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

A banker with an Accounting degree from Cairo University, Wagih has over 22 years of experience in financial control with a major legal company in Dubai Baker McKenzie an International law firm founded in 1949 with 77 offices in 46 countries as well as two major international banks in Dubai. He has completed training in Basel III (full version), Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, Reputational Risk Awareness, Credit Practices, and Operational Risk Management and Assurance Framework.

Wagih’s strong financial control and rigorous reporting will ensure that all statutory and corporate obligations are met while providing financial, commercial and strategic support to the team.


Office Manager – (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Khris Aggasid brings over 15 years experience in the field of marketing and operational management to the team, specializing in the construction, transportation and hospitality industries. With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce Management, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and strong project management skills, Khris will assist with the overall marketing strategy and will ensure that standards and communications are understood and implemented effectively.


Group Financial Accountant – (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Agnes C. Villarey has put her Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy to good use, with over six years of banking experience in a Government Bank in the Philippines and over fifteen years handling General Accounts in the UAE. Her responsibilities encompassed commercial and staff support duties in the manufacturing and trading industries.
Agnes is very experienced in the Financial Management arena, working on financial reports and management reports, and dealing with cash flows, annual budgets, fixed assets, cost report analysis as well as internal and external audit reports. Agnes works on developing external relationships with Bankers, Auditors, Solicitors, Clients and Creditors in order to provide a total package solution.

Agnes is a team player and she has extensive leadership and organizational qualities which enable her to lead and manage a large number of personnel with the utmost Professionalism.


Personal Assistant to the Chairman – (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Doa Weshahy has over 7 years of experience with the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) – Egypt, specializing in development, communication and strategic analysis. The ILO is a UN agency that deals with labour standards, social protection, and promotes work opportunities for all.

Doa was responsible for evaluating the financial aspects of service development, including revenue forecasting and budgeting, as well as organizing events and programs. Previously, she was PR and Events Manager for Meridien Hotel in Egypt and Human Resources Assistant Manager for Credit Lyonnais in Cairo.

Doa has a Bachelor degree in Linguistics and Translation and is a professional translator (English, French, Arabic).


Sales Director – (Geneva, Switzerland)

Dr Evelyne Reyt is a medical doctor, scientist, entrepreneur and a healthy ageing advocate with degrees in Medicine and in Science and Biology (faculté de médecine St Antoine Paris).

Dr Evelyne Reyt was Director of Spas & Institute of Better Living (Mieux Vivre) at the Evian Royal Resort part of the Danone French Group from February 2003 to September 2006.
Dr Evelyne Reyt grew up in France and is now based in Switzerland with offices in Vinzel near Geneva, Paris and Monaco.

Dr Evelyne Reyt will be handling all of Europe sales and enquiries.


Sales Director – (Cairo, Egypt)

Mohammed is a Civil Engineer with 18 years experience in the general construction field, specializing in landscaping and theming works. He is currently the General Manager of COST Middle East Contracting LLC, which is the Middle East branch of the US-based COST of Wisconsin, the leader in Design & Build theming projects with 50 years experience in the field. Mohammed has extensive experience in the management of real estate development operations, specifically with unique waterfront projects in the UAE.


Sales Director – (Tokyo, Japan)

With extensive contacts in the hospitality and real estate industries, Tomeo spent the last 15 years building up solid networks in The United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, China and the Pacific Rim. He founded ARABIA BUSINESS CLUB, a business and social club, under his Japanese institution Nakamura BS Ltd. and he deals with commodities, finance, art, real estate and high-end hospitality developments.


National Account Manager – (London, UK, France & Monaco)

Valerie’s experience as National Account Manager for Aqua British will allow her to be successful as National Account Manager for the combined companies of Gillier Water and Aqua British. Valerie was an National Account Manager for Cristaline in France. Valerie creates strategic action plans to ensure growth and drive volume to enhance profitability. She is skilled at using key performance indicators (KPI) to define, measure and assure success and business goal alignment.


Director of Sales – (Bangalore, India)

Janice Pearl d’ Souza is a corporate consultant with diverse experience in process migrations, leadership development, branding and marketing. In her 18 years of working in India, she consulted with clients globally and worked with brands such as Microsoft, General Motors, Abbott, Bank of America, Citrix, British American Tobacco, BASF, VFS Global, Wirtgen, Mars and several large Indian corporations. Janice’s strength lies in relationship building and account management, and she strives for excellence in delivery and building trust. Janice’s passion is to invest in education for the future of learning in India.


Director of Sales – (Bangkok, Thailand)

Dr. Mark L. Born is an Intake and Compliance Officer for a major Western European Private Placement Platform, which is where he became involved with Humanitarian Project Funding, which is a principal component of Private Placement. Dr. Born received his undergraduate degree from UCLA, followed by a Masters degree and a Ph.D. from the University of London, King’s College. With a legal background as well as a musical one, Dr. Born worked at one of the largest legal firms in the world for eight years before starting his own publishing company in Los Angeles. Later he turned his attention to economics and finance and has lived in Thailand for the past twelve years, where he plans to continue his humanitarian efforts.


Sales Director – (Latin America)

Guillermo Castillo is the CEO of Don Bosco Corp, a family group with more than 45 years of doing business in various fields such as legal, accounting, the funeral industry, Real Estate, advertising and commodities, in Miami and Central America. He is also the former CEO of a humanitarian project called La Chureca, which had the financial support of the Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. He helped build a medical centre to provide a better way of life for the children near a garbage collection area in Nicaragua. Guillermo is ready to continue supporting humanitarian projects for the countries of Nicaragua and El Salvador.


Sales Director – (Miami & North America)

A native of Managua, Nicaragua, Eva studied tourism and languages at Delgado Junior College in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is fluent in English and Spanish. Eva has over 20 years of airline operations and personnel expertise and has been consistently recognized for improving operational procedures for several airlines. Eva is the owner of KLIFT EM LLC, which focuses on commodities, financing and investment, and is based in Miami, Florida. She also holds a Real Estate license and works in the South Florida luxury Real Estate market. Eva is very close to the Albir Family from Nicaragua, who founded Praise! Our Songs and Hymns: New International Version Responsive Readings, a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide cancer treatment to poor children in Nicaragua. Eva will join forces with the Albir Family to help their foundation.


Sales Director – (Manila, The Philippines)

Arnold (Al) Picar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and works for Pacific Global One Aviation Company as the Operations and Administration Head. Concurrently, he is a part-owner and Managing Director of Blue Mountain Mineral Resources Corporation. Al has had additional business activities over the past 7 years in the following areas: Au bullion, real estate development, bond monetization, and various humanitarian development projects. Al plans to concentrate on humanitarian projects in the Philippines.


Sales Director – (Lier, Belgium)

As a Real Estate Broker, David’s experience includes the governance and management of real estate portfolios. He put his education in Accounting to good practice as a registered Accountant, Tax Advisor and Financial and Operational Auditor, which lead to his experience as an executive freelance advisor specialising in Change Management, Corporate Finance and Performance Management.

David works out of Belgium but has a broad international network and brings a “green-minded” focus to the project.


Recruitment and Training Manager – (Apia, Samoa)

Vivien developed and implemented training programs for multiple organizations in her 20 year career. She specializes in providing group training, eLearning and individual assessments. Vivien champions the individual and works to inspire and motivate others while teaching how to work collaboratively within a team to achieve common goals. Vivien holds various advanced certificates, including a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from the Australian Institute of Industry & Training and an Advanced TESOL Diploma (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the Australasian Training Academy.


Logistics Manager – (Apia, Samoa)

Craig has over 32 years of experience in the logistics, warehousing and the construction industry, including assisting on the construction of Bridge Climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Craig brings both hands-on and managerial experience and will ensue that correct safety procedures are followed. Craig holds an Advanced Certificate in Works Superintendence, as well as licenses and certificates in such practical areas as OHS Construction White Card, Senior First Aid Certificate, Forklift License, Pickers License, Confined Spaces Certificate, Asbestos Removal Certificate, and Traffic Controllers Certificate.


Sales Director – (Caracas, Venezuela)

Ricardo has over 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy Generation, Environment, Agricultural, Agro-Industrial, and Pharmaceutical industries. He has extensive field experience as well as management and marketing experience. He was involved with financial studies made for clients’ projects and directed teams in order to achieve the clients’ goals. Ricardo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from living and working in many countries, including Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Oman, Kuwait City, Singapore, China, Syria and Pakistan. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas.


Sales Director – (Galway, Ireland)

Ashish Varma earned a Doctorate in Polymer Engineering and holds over 20 patents for a variety of cardiovascular medical devices. He was currently the Managing Director of Yellowstone Investments Ltd. and has an extensive international network of clients in a wide range of business areas. A long-time citizen of Ireland, Ashish was born in India and has travelled extensively around the world including Antarctica, Africa, South America and North America. He and his wife are combining their shared passion for music, photography, nature and personal development into programs for disadvantaged children in Ireland as well as developing housing for homeless families in South America.


Business Development – (Cairo, Egypt)

Alaa ramadan’s varied experience has lead him to interface with many contacts in Egypt and Africa . He has experience in the Aviation with Emirates Airlines , Instructor , Team leader , and he is also a Private Pilot . Alaa has been awarded many times from Emirates Airlines for his Performance and for being a professional team leader, he was been chosen to be the Ambassador for many events also.

Alaa has a fitness management Diploma from the UK , as long with a Business Development Diploma, Alla was a competitor in the body building, fitness and mixed sports like martial arts, swimming and lifesaving.

Alaa graduated from Tanta university in Egypt with a Bachelor degree for the department of Education & Arts ( English ), followed up with a Translation Diploma, and he has been in the Gulf including the UAE for almost 10 years.


IT & Marketing – (London, UK)

Bil Sudarshan brings over 18 years of experience in the digital marketing, business intelligence and IT fields, where he researched and executed technical and digital marketing strategies to drive sales and growth for multiple clients. Bil has a solid mix of technology, leadership, marketing and business development skills, including the areas of branding and international marketing. In his various IT roles, he managed the rollout and ongoing maintenance of multiple web applications and specialized in search engine optimization.

Bil has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology as well as an MBA from Sikkim Manipal University in India. He is a professional member of the British Computer Society and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.