Gillier Humanity Foundation

Charitable Foundation
and Local Benefits for Samoa

The Mission Statement of Gillier Humanity is: To make a positive impact on the lives and livelihood of individuals and families by providing services and education as well as economic opportunities to sustain the well-being and growth of the area.

Gillier Humanity is a charitable foundation dedicated to making a positive impact on the quality of life as well as on the economy of certain geographic regions around the world. Gillier Humanity will implement its HELP program (Health and Economic Leverage Project) in the Samoa Islands as well as the target distribution areas of China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Mexico, Brazil, Africa and the Middle East.

Gillier Humanity utilizes a two-tier approach by first taking care of basic health, nutrition and clothing needs, followed by infrastructure, job opportunities, housing, education and sports. This “hand-up not hand-out” philosophy will enable individuals and families in the selected areas to become self-sufficient and live productive and healthy lives while boosting the productivity of the entire region.

Gillier Humanity will supply fresh drinking water to regions in need in selected countries. The Foundation will open a medical and research centre to help find cures for various diseases, including diabetes and cancer.