Welcome to Paradise

Clear skies, tranquil lagoons, pristine beaches, lush rain-forests and relaxed, happy villagers. This is Samoa. The hidden Pearl of the Pacific, and the source of what may be the purest water on Earth.

For the past 3,000 years or more, the Samoan people have nurtured these natural water resources as if they were precious gifts, Samoa’s O Mea Sina, handed down from generation to generation.

Today, in the true Samoan spirit of gift giving, or aiava, we invite you to experience this unique natural reserve first-hand, and to join us on our pristine shores.

You will be welcomed (naturally) with a continuous supply of delicious Aqua Samoa. And you will be greeted by way of a traditional Welcoming Ceremony (the inu or ava ceremony).

We will welcome you traditionally to these Islands, welcome you into the village, welcome you into the family, and if there is anything you want, just ask.

With each and every bottle consumed, our customers enable us to build a closer relationship with mother nature and fulfill our promises on an environmental, cultural and social level.

Beautiful and exotic Samoa is a very isolated geographic location deep in the Southern Hemisphere, a virtual unspoiled Garden of Eden! Our pristine water source captured at the summit of an ancient volcanic cone is situated on 7,000 acres of certified organic lands.

This aquifer source has been collecting nature’s gift for thousands of years, as the rain slowly filters down through the volcanic rock, collecting valuable trace minerals on its way. Thus creating a super-premium water with an exquisite taste, a soft silky mouth feel, and a unique mineral profile – perfect for food pairings and for the health of your body!

Brought to you by a company with strong ethos and

core beliefs in the ancient Samoan Harmonies.